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Loop Cover 20201.png


Loop is a hypothetical leather crafting shop located in New York City. It was founded by third-generation leatherman Dan Smith in 1999. His mission is to provide the local leather crafting community support and preserve the heritage of traditional leather crafting culture and techniques. The shop provides workshops, lessons, custom leather design, maintenance, and leather crafting supplies. 

Loop Business Card Mockup.png


The brand has a heritage yet modern image. The establishment year is added on the logo to emphasize the history of the brand and the skill. The four letters are overlapping each other, creating a symbol of one of the main skill in leatherwork, sewing. The choice of typeface for the logo is Copperplate Gothic bold, and the typeface for the body text is Bell regular.

Loop Envelope Mockup.png
Loop Letterhead Mockup.png
Leather Drawstring Pouch MockUp.png


For this project, I designed a three-dimensional piece, which is a leather bag stamped with the logo, and basic stationary, such as business card, envelope and letterhead. Another print object I made is the z-fold brochure served as a promotional piece and introduction for the brand, featuring self-made illustration and photography. 

Loop Brochure Mockup.png


The website is served as a huge platform for the business. Most businesses are transaction online, such as the store and reservation, therefore I want to make the web pages as visually attractive as possible to advertise the brand. On the right, it shows the landing page and the store page.

Loop Web Landing Page Final.jpg
Loop Web Final Landing Page 22.jpg
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