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Rosun bridal

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Rosun Bridal is a bridal retail store that is dedicated to designing and delivering bridal gowns that reflect its intricate designs, delicate embroidery, and form-fitting silhouettes. Since its establishment in Japanese market over twenty years ago, Rosun Bridal have strived to provide its customers with a memorable experience fit for one of the most significant days of their lives. a bridal gown manufacturing and retail company based in Hong Kong. In 2018, I was assigned to rebrand for the company, retargeting its audience to millennials in local Hong kong people who will be the next newlyweds. 

Logo design

Redesigning the logo is one of the main part of this rebranding project. The client wished the new logo reflects the company's historical ​background and projects an image of both luxury and timeless. I worked with symmetry of the two letters

R and b in Bell MT, complemented with Sabon for the brand name. I visualize the reflected R to be a bride wearing a wedding gown, proudly showcasing her body and her sophisticated taste of fashion. 

Fashion show thank you card2.png
Fashion show thank you card3.png


The Goddesses of the Mediterranean is our first campaign concept. It intermixes nature with our next season spring/summer light, airy gowns, promoting a style of gown that is comfortable to wear outdoor or indoor. Giving up the unnecessary decorative etiquettes and features to provide a fresh new and free style of gown.

I designed a price card that will be placed in the shop. It features two languages, both Chinese and English for the customers. A business card and thank you card are designed to put into the gift bag after the fashion show. The thank you card is decorated with floral pattern on and inside the envelope to further reflect our campaign. I also designed ads and editorial spreads for a Hong Kong wedding magazine "All About Wedding".

Rosun Bridal Business Card.png
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