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Hoboken Drum Den is a friendly space and community, which wishes to provide support to all the drummers around the world. The door of Hoboken Drum Den is open to anyone from anywhere who shares a passion for drums. Playing an instrument is a life-long journey and in Hoboken Drum Den, drummers can gather up, share their hardships and accomplishments, and provide support to each other. A modern and friendly image best fitted the company.

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All the repairment we do in Hoboken Drum Den are by professional hand, only using the most high-quality materials. Wood and metal are the two major elements of drums. Although drums are one of the most ancient instrument that were ever created in history, they are also timeless. Therefore modernity will be the most suitable definition to describe drums, which maintain relevance at any age.

For this project, I designed stationery such as et of business card, envelope, letterhead, and mailing label, a 3-dimensional piece, which is a drumhead cover, and a folded piece, which is a translucent music staff book for students to write down their music.

logo design

​The logo is inspired by the appearance of a drum. Circle and symmetry are two characteristics that dominate the visual design. Color will be mainly in black and white in order to contrast the vibrant and various color of drums. In the middle of the circle is the initials of the company name (HDD). The logo also covers all the services that the business provides. The choice of typeface are Futura Heavy and Black to keep it consistent with the brand image.

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Drumhead Cover.png
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Staff Cover Cover.png
Staff paper Spread.png
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Internet is a huge business platform of Hoboken Drum Den, therefore the website is built carefully and it needs to cover all the services the company provided. Started with interviewing the users and organize them into three main personas. The website is constructed based on these three user flows. Wireframes were designed and approved before inputting any visual and decorative aspects to the site. All the graphics are photograph-based to establish trust to our our users, who are mainly parents and professional musicians. Small interactive buttons are added onto the page to communicate information other than texts.

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here are the full length pAGES of the website (Uncropped)

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